National Emergencies Trust (NET)


NET is the leading emergency response funder in the UK, distributing a historic £100m in 2020 for the Covid-19 Response Appeal.

Fiona was seconded to NET at a critical time in the launch of its distribution programme, in April 2020.  During her time she assisted with research, data analysis, the development of templates, policy and strategy development, in addition to management of national partners.

The Brief

Fiona supported NET over 9 months in the primary areas:

  1. Data analysis to identify NET’s reach in its Covid-19 response, including demand and gaps analysis
  2. Grant assessment services
  3. Data coordination for equity grant partners and data transparency

The Result

From the third week into the Covid-19 appeal response Fiona integrated seamlessly with a new team across operations, supporting the fundraising and communications teams with data for appeals, the distribution team on equity and reach and the data team on grant analysis.

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